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Welcome to Honey Meadow Farm! Our desire to create a small "hobby farm" comes from the combination of our lifelong love of organic gardening and long commitment to holistic beekeeping. We understand that everything in nature is related, that healthy soil is the basis for healthy fruit and vegetables and provides a sustainable habitat for honeybees, native pollinators, beneficial insects and other “critters” that in turn benefit our orchard and gardens.

This website is the story of our efforts to create an environmentally sensitive “hobby farm” that gives us purpose, exercise and sustenance throughout our retirement years (plus a place for our long coat German Shepherds to romp and play while we continue to await grandchildren). Enjoy!

– Gayla and John Snowdon

Latest News

Happy Autumn!

What a great growing season! Even though the summer was pretty wet, we still managed to harvest our first-ever peaches and apples! We actually sold peaches to 2 different CSAs – both reporting nice comments from their customers. This was our 4th growing season for the fruit, so it is nice to see our work starting to yield results. Our blueberries had a slack year due to deer "pruning" them for us in March but our raspberries and strawberries were delicious and we ate from the veggie garden daily. Now we look forward to pressing our first cider (apples from Alysons) and enjoying all of the marinara and salsa Gayla canned this summer. Remind me to schedule in gym time...

Not to be outdone, this summer our honey bees produced over 200 lbs of raw honey – a record for our 10 seasons! We'll enter winter with 6 full hives and 6 nucs. I'm currently building extra quilt boxes for them and will hopefully have all of the hives wrapped up and winter ready by mid-November. Once the bees are put to bed, the majority of the outdoor chores are completed (except I can ALWAYS split more firewood) and I can concentrate on practicing with my hand tools in the wood shop. It's nice to have different hobbies for different seasons.

Please don't forget to attend the NHACD Annual Meeting and Working Lands Conference, held in Keene, NH Nov 2-3. Click on the link to get your tickets. The courses are excellent and our friends Frank, Kim and Gwen at Hillside Springs Farm have been named "Incorporater of the Year" by the Cheshire County Conservation District. We hope to see you there!



Gayla and John

October, 2017


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