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Welcome to Honey Meadow Farm! Our desire to create a small "hobby farm" comes from the combination of our lifelong love of organic gardening and long commitment to holistic beekeeping. We understand that everything in nature is related, that healthy soil is the basis for healthy fruit and vegetables and provides a sustainable habitat for honeybees, native pollinators, beneficial insects and other “critters” that in turn benefit our orchard and gardens.

This website is the story of our efforts to create an environmentally sensitive “hobby farm” that gives us purpose, exercise and sustenance throughout our retirement years (plus a place for our long coat German Shepherds to romp and play). Enjoy!

– Gayla and John Snowdon

Latest News

Seems like we are having the type of summer I remember as a kid, hot and dry! Today, we finally had the first soaking rain that we have had in weeks! Luckily, we installed a drip irigation system on all of the trees, berries and raised beds last year, otherwise a major part of our days would be spent watering manually.

The squirrels enjoyed harvesting our strawberries and have been helping themselves to a good part of the raspbery crop , as well. Our blueberries were delicious this year! There is nothing like taking a handful of blueberries and eating them all at once! We are still waiting for the Jersey blueberries to come in as well as the Caroline raspberries.

Gayla's veggie garden is absolutely gorgeous! The tomatos that have been tempting us the last few weeks are now ripening and we had our first tomato snadwich this week! Her cabbage has never been better with the largest sweet tasting heads we've ever had. Broccoli, yellow beans, zucchini (by the ton), raddish, kale, lettuce and lots of cubanelle peppers make routine appearances on our dinner table. The corn is just about ready, too. It's so much work but knowing that we're putting such good food in the freezer and on our plates makes it all worth it! If only we could grow ice cream... We'll settle for the 60 pounds of honey we've harvested so far!

Don't forget to watch the meteor shower this week! It's supposed to be excellent!

Gayla and John

August 10, 2016


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